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(Please note that this is an office only with no facilities or staff to deal with medical problems over the phone or in person)

National Quality Requirements for GP Out of Hours Services (GP OOH)

These requirements are designed to ensure that Doctors OOH services are safe, clinically effective and delivered in a way that gives the patient a positive experience.




Report regularly to commissioners on how well we are performing against these requirements.

So that our commissioners know how well we are doing and, if necessary, can ask us to make improvements in our service to patients.


Send details of all NEMS GP OOH consultations to the practice

Where the patient is registered: by 8.00 a.m. the next working day.

So that your own GP knows what happened during your GP OOH consultation at the earliest opportunity.


Have systems in place to support and encourage the regular exchange of up-to-date and comprehensive information including, where appropriate, a care plan for patients with predefined needs (for example, patients with terminal illness).

So that we can follow a plan of care that has already been agreed with you, during the OOH period.


Regularly audit the quality of the clinical care given by GPs and nurses delivering the service and report any action taken to improve quality to commissioners.

So that you can be confident in the clinical knowledge and skill of our GPs and nurses.


Regularly seek feedback from patients that have used the service and report any action taken to improve quality to commissioners.

So that we can learn from your experiences of using the GP OOH service and make improvements.


Operate a complaints procedure that is consistent with the principles of the NHS complaints procedure and report any action taken to improve quality to commissioners.

So that you are assured that your complaint will be looked into and you will hear from us with an apology, explaining what we learned and any recommendations for action and change we plan to take as a result of your complaint.


Match staffing levels to predicted demand for the service.

So that we can respond to your needs within a safe time limit.


Initial Telephone Call:

After 04 March 2013, meeting this requirement is the responsibility of NHS 111 service.

Engaged calls: no more than 0.1% of calls engaged.

Abandoned calls: no more than 5% of calls abandoned.

Calls to be answered by a person within 60 seconds of the end of the introductory message which should normally be no more than 30 seconds long.


Telephone Clinical Assessment

After 04 March 2013, meeting this requirement is the responsibility of the NHS 111 service.

Identify immediately life threatening conditions and, once identified, passing them to the ambulance service within 3 minutes.

Definitive Clinical Assessment

Start definitive clinical assessment:

for urgent calls within 20 minutes of the call being answered by a person.

for all other calls within 60 minutes of the call being answered by a person.


At the end of the assessment, the patient must be clear of the outcome, including (where appropriate) the timescale within which further action will be taken and the location of any face-to-face consultation.


Face to Face Clinical Assessment (for ‘walk-in’ services only)

NEMS does not provide a walk in service but we do make sure that anyone who does walk in without an appointment is given instructions on how to get a telephone assessment from 111.


Provide care in the right place at the right time and by the right person; GP or nurse, telephone advice, treatment centre or home visit.

So that the advice and care we give is safe, effective, timely and in proportion to the urgency of your problem.


Face-to-face consultations (whether in a centre or in the patient’s place of residence) must be started:

emergency: within 1 hour

urgent: within 2 hours

less urgent: within 6 hours

So that you are seen within a time that is safe, given the urgency of your problem.



Patients unable to communicate effectively in English will be provided with an interpretation service within 15 minutes of initial contact. Providers must also make appropriate provision for patients with impaired hearing or impaired sight.

So that you can be sure that we have understood your problem and we can be sure that you have understood our advice or treatment.

NEMS Community Benefit Services Limited

Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965

Register No. 29847R